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    Text punctuation bug/glitch/problem!?

    Tom Lippitsch Level 1

      I (as many other users) have the problem that all punctuation is appearing on the left side of my text. What makes most of my documents useless.


      Recreating them from scratch is NOT an option due to high complexity.


      I am Cloud member and Photoshop is up to date.


      • It works if I create a new document.
      • It does NOT work if I create a new text layer in the corrupt file.
      • It works if I duplicate an older text layer in the corrupt file which has been created (Weeks? Months?) earlier and shows up correctly (punctuation at the end of text).


      What is the solution to fix that problem now?


      • I tried switching between Middle Eastern and East Asian text engines.
      • I tried to delete styles, resetting paragraphs, etc
      • I deleted Photoshop preferences
      • I tried that strange Ctrl-Left Arrow and Ctrl-Right Arrow thing to change text left-right/right-left flow


      Nothing helped yet.

      Punctuation always appears on the left side instead after text.

      It's also strange that after deleting the preferences, then creating a new document and writing text - the text is by default aligned to the right instead left.


      Does that mean my documents, which I have built up over years/months, are irreversibly skrewed?


      I need a solution for that VERY soon!