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    How to customize the content set in text as part of tag <cq:text property="text"/>


      We use the tag <cq:text property="text"/> to get the content, which is set in the jcr property "text".  Text was set in Richtext component and it has hyper link.


      Now, we have to customize the text.



      Actual Text in 'text' property:-

      <p>Click <a data-action="Hyperlink" data-upc-tooltip-type="none" href="/content/www-abc-healthcare-ch/en/offer.html">here</a> for the link</p> <p></p>


      After customization in 'text' property:-

      <p>Click <a data-action="Hyperlink" data-upc-tooltip-type="none" href="/content/www-abc-healthcare-ch/en/offer">here</a> for the link</p> <p></p>

      i.e .html has been removed.


      I tried customizing and set back to text attribute using <c:set var="text" value="<CustomizedText>" /> but even after that tag <cq:text property="text"/> retrieves the old content i.e with .html


      Please suggest how to override text content, so that the tag <cq:text property="text"/> will print customized text.