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    Cold Fusion 10 issue faced after upgrade from 8


      Upgraded website from Cold fusion 8 to Cold fusion 10. Initially was working Fine. Suddenly a part stopped working with the following error.


      The getJoinsAsString package method in the C:\Apache\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT\Reactor\query\render\join.cfc component cannot be accessed from C:\Apache\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT\reactor\query\render\object.cfc.


      This method has package access and both the components are present in the same package. Yet the only way to fix this seems to be changing the access from package to public. Though the website still works with package access in Cold Fusion 8. Would like to know why does this error occur all by itself?Or has some configuration changed in Cold Fusion 10 for this error to occur?

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          duncancumming Level 3

          I wonder if the fact one path has Reactor and the other has reactor means there's some case-sensitivity at play here.  Although CF should usually be fine with you spelling it either way, perhaps somehow it's looking like two separate directories.  Check everywhere you refer to the object and make sure it's always got exactly the same case as the physical folder names.

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            DeblinC Level 1

            Good Catch.. But the problem is that these file are internally used by the application. The path is not hardcoded anywhere so case sensitivity may not be the culprit. I will look further into it though..


            What is confusing me is the code in these files are not touched. Then how can it work smoothly initially and then all of a sudden decide not to work.