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    Going from HD to standard definition on Elements 10

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      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 andI have 720 p video that I exported to standard mpeg. ( so I can eventually burn to a regulara dvd as I do not have BlueRay capabilities. )  When viewing this downgraded non-HD file for the first time on Windows Media player, I was horrifed with how pixelated it looked. However, when I played it on a second computer, it did not look nearly as bad as on this compter, it was not getting stretched to fill the full wide screen.  So I think the key is to make sure the eventual dvd gets letterboxed so it does bot try to fill up my entire screen on a hd tv?  Does my logic make sense and if so, is there a wy to insure a letterboxed version after burning?


      Thanks for your time!