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    UI elements size is pretty small


      Just a short feedback to the UI - I actually find it pretty hard to click UI elements since they are very small.
      Text is also too small. An Option to have a 125% and 150% scale mode for UI would definitely make sense.

      Working with edge animate is currently pretty nasty due to this

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          Second this comment.


          The tiny text and unselectable icons make EA very difficult to use

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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Me too. I tried to find the reason of an error in a composition and it was because I had labels where the name was capitalized three times. The label names are so small that I did not see the error and it escaped me totally until someone (probably younger with better eyes) noticed it. I could have been looking for days without seeing it. I would have probably noticed it right away when I was typing in the labels if the letters had been bigger!