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    change image folder for image resources


      Hello all,


      it’s been a while since I was last here.

      Still working with wonderful Adobe Edge, yet trying to change some things here and there ;-)


      I wonder if anyone tried to change the way Edge writes out the „var im='images/';“ (in the .js file) variable.

      Since I’d like to do something like this:



      * Adobe Edge: symbol definitions


      (function($, Edge, compId){

      //images folder

      var im='images/';

      var im_work='templates/Chart_'+ workChart +'/images/';

      var im_next_work='templates/Chart_'+ nextWorkChart +'/images/';


      to keep the source of the images (used from multiple compositions) flexible.


      So that all compositions may use common images looking for them in the „image“ folder

      but also specific images that depend on which composition is actually working (I achieve it by the way by using templates mustache.js).


      I can do this comfortely after Edge wrote out the .js file but everytime I opened the animation again and save Edge overwrites it again

      cancelling everything except „var im='images/';“ so that the variables disappear.


      Is there a way to change this feature, so that different image folders could be used?


      Any ideas?


      Thanks a lot