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    stop() overrides css that is applied via javascript


      I think I've found a bug via Adobe Edge.


      If you have a symbol that has some labels as such




      then you add that symbol to stage and have the following code in document.compositionReady



      var mySymbolObject = sym.getSymbol("HoverExample");
      var targetElement = mySymbolObject.$("backing");



      where mySymbolObject is the symbol on the stage, backing is a rectangle div and the color is different than the original color in the symbol


      then you add the following code for hitbox (rectangle div that is alpha 0) under Hitbox.mouseover





      the end result is that the css from the project, in this case the red background color, gets reapplied on mouseover despite me changing the color on startup.


      Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone reproduce this? Does anyone know of a possible solution?