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    Problems with FormsCentral




      I am a new user to FormsContral so I may be looking over some things but here's what I've noticed so far...


      1. There is no Chinese language support despite it's growing economic importance in the world (and my biz are Chinese clients).
      2. There is no phone number field. I have a number field for phone numbers but it won't allow dashes. Then the output is a number with commas and that can't be changed under language and formatting.
      3. You have a drop down list of states but not of countries. I really don't want to manually enter over 200 countries in a drop down, especially since I can't copy and paste them. Can't you guys have an intern or something do it ONCE and have it available for all of your paying users?


      I think FormsCentral is pretty cool and I like the look and the professional feel. It's great for my business. It's just I'm really surprised that these basic three things haven't been done yet.

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Thanks for your feedback! FormsCentral doesn't support Chinese locale, but you can create forms with Chinese text. If you don't mind date/time/currency formats or the submit button in English text, the form works well with Chinese text and Chinese responses.


          As for phone number field or dropdown with countries, they are not currently provided by FormsCentral. Please vote on an existing idea or add a new one if you cannot find one at http://forums.adobe.com/community/formscentral?view=idea. The higher the vote of a feature, the more likely it will be implemented in the future.