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    Stop Event Sounds

    Happiest Camper
      My client made me put my MP3 files inside the file, too complicated to have them in a separate folder for some reason. So I am creating a single EXE file for the client. I moved the MP3 files into the file on the timeline, with the WAV files already in place. When I jump around using the button, if the event sounds have started, they don't stop when I'm in a new section, with new audio. I have stopAllSounds(); on the button to jump around from section to section.... but it doesn't work. I switched to streaming sound, and the WAV files have clicking in them. I can't change the files from WAV to MP3 as the sound quality diminishes too much. How do you stop the Event sound from playing? Thanks for any help.
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          clbeech Level 3
          you should try attaching the sounds with code using a SoundObject, this way you can have much more control over them, including calling them to stop or set thier volume to zero. leave them in the Library and add Linkage identifiers to each then constuct sound objects and attach them, then when they are needed use the sound.start() method and when you need them to stop use the sound.stop() method. here's some basic examples:
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            If you don't want to use attaching, try placing the sound in its own symbol and use play and stop to control, see if that works. I think I've done that in the past.