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    Simplest way to display a title or caption at the beginning of each scene?


      I am editing a video to make an instructional dvd covering 23 separate lessons. Without some kind of text in the first few seconds of each scene, there is no way for the viewer to quickly and efficiently distinguish one scene from another as they jump forward or backward from scene to scene. They would have to go back to the main menu between each scene to find the one they're looking for, and that's cumbersome.


      I would like to add a caption/title (not sure what the technical Adobe term is -- I'm obviously an amateur) to the screen at the beginning of each scene. It can be a text overlay on top of the video, or it can be a blacked out screen (or whatever) with text that lasts a few seconds before each scene begins. I just need something to let the viewer know which lesson they are about to see.


      I went through the footage and added scene markers at appropriate places, and the menu is functional. Now I'm looking for the most efficient (least time-consuming) way to accomplish my goal. It looks like one alternative is to manually split the clips at each scene change, then go to sceneline and insert a title between each scene, then manually type in the text that corresponds to my description of each scene. I hope this isn't the only, or the most efficient way.


      Anyone know a simpler alternative? The simpler the better, as only a few people will be using the dvd so I don't want the cost (measured in editing time and effort) to outweigh the benefit of viewer convenience. Thanks in advance.