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    Can't drag sidebar items in "open/save" dialog boxes - Mountain Lion


      (First time poster)  Using Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and InDesign CS6.  Having errors. First was that smart folders made the Open/ Save dialog boxes crash when referenced in the "Favorites" section of sidebar.   Next, and more serious, error, is that I cannot drag/ rearrange my sidebar items in this view. AKA I cannot take "Favorites" on the sidebar and drag that section below "Devices" or "Shared" or "Media" like I normally can in Finder or any other app for that matter.  Recently installed SIMBL and "Colorful Sidebar" app but uninstalled and removed bundle file from SIMBL plugins folder in order to try and resolve this. Hard to say if this problem started before or after the third-party plugin was installed, but regardless, it's gone now, and still having problems.  Help please!  Thanks,