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    Delete SWF History?


      Hi I am fairly new to Flash Development, but have started trying to bypass some of the more tedious tasks I've been running into.


      I have Flash CS5.5 and I've noticed when updating BMP Asssets in my files, the file size will balloon in some cases to over 1GB


      To fix this I back save it to CS4 purely because it deletes SWF History. the file seems to visually remain exactly the same.

      SWF History.png

      That can sometimes reduce the file size to 1/10th of what it was in extreme cases (usually it's about half)


      I then have to update the Publishing Settings to return to the current flash player and Resave it as CS5

      That's quite a few steps to reduce the file size on many many files.

      Apparently JSFL does not handle saving different versions or updating the flash player settings so I've been stuck doing it by hand.


      My question is, is there a simpler way to do this?

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          There is the option to clear the ASO-cache:

          Control->Delete ASO files.

          Might help you in case you setup your bitmaps as class files

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            Timneh Level 1

            Doesn't seem that I have that option,

            I have Control > Clear Publish Cache, but that doesn't reduce the file size at all.


            What I usually do is import a bitmap as part of sequence, but I have to embed it in the file, rather than leave it as a reference, because I send the result over a network.

            When a change is requested, I just redo the image sequence in another program and update all the bitmaps. but that causes the .fla file to get larger each time it's done.

            But since I have to send it over a network, each time an update occurs it would take longer to send unless I backsave it to CS4 and delete the SWF History.


            can't find much reference to SWF History anywhere else. and it apparently doesn't affect the visuals of the file.

            Even if there was a setting somewhere that would prevent the compiling of this history that'd be useful as well.

            Though so far I haven't discovered it.