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    Design View - Timeline?

      Reading some of the notes about this public alpha, I'm curious to know what the demand is for design view. I personally am looking for design view support in Linux, as this is the only reason why I still virtualize Windows with VMWare. Anybody else share the same view?
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          Yes, i'm waiting for the design view too.. Hope we can use this fonctionality soon !
          Another important fuctionality is to use AIR under Linux.
          Please Adobe, don't forget opensource developpers :-)
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            I am experimenting with Flex under both Linux and Windows. The design view is interesting for several reasons.

            As already said in another post, the design view is interesting for checking how the application looks like without compiling each time. I can use the design view for the first easy set-up but once the application code becomes bigger it is better for me working in the code.

            Another reason why not always compiling is interesting is the memory usage. I am following this for a few days now, and I notice that each time the application is compiled the memory usage under Linux increases. On my main pc it is a not so big issue (1 GB), but on my "play" laptop with 256 MB, the system crashes after several flex compiles.

            Perhaps this is a general issue of the Flex Builder for Linux? Memory usage?
            Both my desktop pc as my laptop are running Fedora 6.
            On my Windows XP laptop I haven't checked this issue. I still have 10 days to check it, so I'll try not to forget ;)
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              I too, was only running VMWare to be able to run Flex Builder with the design view. This is highly undersireable, even on a core 2 duo with 3gb of ram, given that I'm also running Oracle 10g and JBoss Portal on the same box. As a result, I run Flex Builder on my desktop (XP) and point my applications at my laptop (Ubuntu, Oracle & JBoss). It sure would be nice to be able to have a truly portable development solution where I could have everything I need on my laptop again. The only upside to this situation is that I didn't have any problems justifying my home desktop upgrade to a quad core Q6600... ;-)
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                Ram Krishnaiyer (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                Thanks for the feedback on design view and AIR. We are looking to optimize the performance and memory usage of FB on all platforms including Linux. We also recommend at least 1 GB of RAM for running Flex Builder on all platforms.
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                  Ram Krishnaiyer (Adobe) Adobe Employee
                  We are not sure of a timeline for design view in FB Linux, but you can vote for the design view request here.