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    How should CMYK colors be built? Is it OK to use all three of CMY?

    MarieMeyer Level 1

      This is a general question I'm posing here because I think it is the forum that is frequented by the largest number of people with real world print project management experience.


      The question is: in an ideal world, how should CMYK color be built? Lets assume I know the LAB values for several colors I want to reproduce accurately on an offset printing press. I can install the correct ICC Profile in my color management settings, input the LAB values, and let InDesign do the conversion to CMYK for me.


      However, I have been told by print professionals that, if at all possible, don't define a color swatch using all three CMY inks. Instead, use a maximum of two of CMY plus a K percentage. In other words, the ideal for printing CMYK screen tint mixes is to use percentages that use high GCR formulas - i.e. replace CMY with K where possible. This, so the the theory goes, helps to increase color stability on press.


      I guess in reality I have two questions: is that rule of thumb valid/useful? And if so...do I have any control over it in InDesign?