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    Photoshop CC doesn't have "preserve details" resampling option available?

    Shinobi-son HSC

      I am a Creative Cloud member, and have downloaded all of the products and they are all up to date currently.  The issue I have is, I see all these people using a new resampling setting called "Preserve Details". They go Image ------>   Image Size, and then the window pops up. Now their window already looks different then mine.  Mine looks like it did in CS4, theirs has an image preview inside the window, plus they have another resampling option available to them. Why doesn't my have this option?


      I have tried to upload an image to show you what I mean, but I am unable to upload via my computer, and yes it is the correct size (>450 pxs wide by >500 pixels tall, 131 KB).