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    Problems with file recovery routine




      So my time has come and I have just been bitten by the Illegal Operand failure upon opening a document. The doc was created in AiCS3 but I'm trying to follow the recovery procedure in AiCS6, described here:


      The problem is that at step 3 when I'm holding down the three keys, and hitting Open, Windows 7 is triggering the country suffix behavior and appends the country code to the selected file name, in my case - .pl. This makes my file selection invalid (myfile.ai.pl). I guess this comes from a web browser (I have almost all of them installed). Has anyone been through this? How can I disable this behavior?


      For the curious ones:

      What lead the file to corruption was the spiral tool. WHen I drew the shape, all of a sudden the entire pasteboard (usually filled with dense, tiny checkerboard pattern) got filled with the stroke or fill color. I saved the file and that was it.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          What happens if you rename the file and simply remove the .pl?

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            moniuch Level 1

            It was not renaming problem, it was problem of telling Windows to open a file that did not exist. The clue was to hold the keys down and click Open. But when I clicked open, W7 was appending the .pl before issuing Open command.

            Nonetheless that problem has been cured - I removed that behavior from IE Internet Options > General > Languages.

            This does not change the fact that the above-mentioned routine did not help me at all.

            Upon open with three keys down, I get Illegal Operand dialog with some mystery binary-like data.

            The underscore file is not created.


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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional





              Is this only affecting one file, or more/all files? If the latter, we may be looking at corrupt preferences or something, see this thread:



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                moniuch Level 1

                Thanks Jacob for your time!

                I went through your recommended steps, I also tried to open the Ai file in Acrobat X - to no avail.


                I did the prefs-busting routines in CS3 (removing the aiprefs file, shift-ctrl-alt launch). For CS6 I just set the flag to enable recovery, and resaved the file.

                I don't really think it's prefs problem. I think that's the ai file that got corrupt. Firstly, other random files open just fine in both CS3 and CS6. secondly, I was having low memory condition when that happened - that might have affected the save that I performed.

                Shame on me I wasn't smart enough to switch to Win Explorer and clone that file before saving when I saw something weird is going on. Shame on Adobe though, they don't provide recovery built-in tools for Ai as they do for Id.


                I ran the http://www.illustrator.recoverytoolbox.com demo version on the file. After a 2-hour threadmill it seems to have coped with the file, it reported all objects, but as a demo version it did not actually save its result which is really promising.


                So what I have know is dillema - pay 30 bucks for a yearly plan for something that looks like doing a good job, or wait for Adobe to kindly answer my ticket.



                And BTW, do these credentials:


                allow anyone to create a directory? Seems like permissions problem - all I can see is blank screen.

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  The Recovery Toolbox may very well be your best option. As far as I can see, the basic licence is $27 covering one year, and subsequent years will be $12. Depending on the conditions, you may be able to spend the first $27 on recovering this file (which may very well be worth it), and then renew the licence if/whenever you need it in the years to come.


                  I presume the Adobe support would also vcome at a price.


                  I shall certainly remember this option, and I have Bookmarked it. I will mention it in another recent thread with a hopeless case.


                  Thank you very much for sharing.

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                    moniuch Level 1



                    None big, Uncle Google to the rescue. While it's good to have an option like this, I certainly would not like Adobe to sit back and relax just because there are other paid options out there in the world.

                    But certainly Adobe should learn how to make such a tool user friendly, clean, with no dirty file hacking, removing, replacing, modifying, etc.


                    Have you had a chance to test FTP permissions perhaps, if you please?

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                      Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                      I am afraid I am as much, or more, in the dark as are you in such matters.


                      I hope someone else can give an answer.




                      It is big: as far as I know, that option has never been mentioned here in this forum (in this millennium at least), where so many have struggled. And as you can see from this thread (where) I mentioned (it just now), we may be talking about weeks of work lost.



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                        moniuch Level 1

                        Yes, certainly it is big in that sense. And that's what's holding me from instantly paying for something I should not.

                        I still have some spare time to give Adobe a chance on this one.

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                          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The trouble is that files might get damaged beyond repair. The repair routine in Illustrator CS6 does a pretty good jobs on specific kinds of wrecked files, but may completely fail on others. There is no guarantee that any magical function, third party tool or routine of tasks will be able to repair your file. It would be awesome, but it still doesn't exist after all these years.


                          Because of this, it is still important to maintain a workflow that always keeps different versions of files and fallback copies.


                          Also: the most common cause of ruined files still is working directly (that is: saving to or opening from) on removable or networked media.

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                            moniuch Level 1



                            Agreed on that. Myself I have been developing an app writing/reading my own binaries - I know the risks and weirdos happening every now and then. Two points though:

                            1. The file is not beyond repair, a $30 tool seems to eat it like a piece of cake with hands al clean. That's *only* and *as much as* $30 at the same time.

                            2. InDesign has had its recovery tool, perhaps not from corrupt file, just from unsaved changes loss. But at the same time it has indx feature which to me proved to be a life saver once.


                            And to answer your hint: I worked totaly locally. Low memory condition must have been the strongest factor in my case. I will be smarter next time it happens.


                            I know this discussion got somewhat philisophical and leads us to nowhere, sorry about that - there's always some frustration involved when you lose your work.

                            Let me now just sit and wait for my support ticket addressed.

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                              moniuch Level 1

                              OK. Thanks to Recovery Toolbox (RT), my document, full of logotype versions and their variants, was mostly restored. Lost text objects and effects were the only penalty - not a severe one in my case. Plus, a bit shifted gradients.


                              Below a few details that might help a lost soul one day.


                              The purchase confirmation page for RT contained both a download link to version and serial number.

                              The first attempt was not successful - the recovered document still contained some offending PostScript attributes and would not open. This lead me to further search and I managed to google up version It had to be installed on another CPU that never saw serial number - a quirk I'm glad I pinned down.

                              The recovery was now much more successful. Even though Illustrator whined about some operands and such, it eventually opened the document. Unfortunately all text objects were lost, which was signalled by items on the layers pallete labeled "text objectwas lost" (original spelling).

                              I resaved the document under a different name to get it back to Illustrator's native compression state. Unfortunately for some reason it wouldn't open after closing.


                              Then I decided to create a new doc from scratch and pasted the layers from the recovered doc. I had to remove the lost objects though, as Ai whined about off-the-pasteboard action  the objects were extending the selection's bounding box to infinity. This did not help either, so I started over, putting each layer in a separate doc. THAT WORKED. The docs now reopen successfully each time in CS3.


                              Now I managed to recreate my text objects - luckily I had exported JPG previews of all the variants and so I have a set of guiding pictures to follow.


                              Lessons learned to avoid/minimize penalty:

                              1. Don't ignore low memory warnings from your OS.
                              2. If you are designing multiple versions and variants, rather split them into separate docs and not let your document grow too complex. Just like with savings diversification.
                              3. Export bitmaps once in a while.
                              4. Convert fancy and meticuously caressed text to paths - it should not get lost.
                              5. Should anything go weird on screen, before you save - clone the file in the Explorer/Finder.
                              6. If you go without a support plan, do not count on Adobe.
                              7. If you're on a deadline, don't wait - purchase RT right away, because even a partial recover might take significant amount of time.


                              I'm not too much satisfied with the quality of support and responsiveness of RT authors, but anyway I'm very grateful they have built the tool.

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                                Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Thank you again for sharing, moniuch. It may prove very valuable for many.