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    Opacity problems with dissolves and dynamic links


      Like a lot of folks we are migrating from FCP to Premiere. I'm learning to like Premiere CS6 - a lot. One rub is the inaccurate opacity renders on dissolves and dynamically linked AE projects. If I do a simple cross dissolve or fade-up it's fine. But layering video with fades or layering dynamically linked After Effects projects creates problems ...


      If I edit black into the layer above some video, then I add a 12 frame fade-out to the black to reveal the video below, it jumps from black to 40% opacity in one frame. This is unacceptable.


      I'm having similar issues with of semi-transparent graphics created in After Effects. When I create a box (lower 3rds background for text), set it to 75% opacity then composite and render out of AE, it looks great. But when but when the same AE composition is brought into Premiere via dynamic linking and then placed on the layer above the video and rendered in Premiere it looks like 95% opacity. Frustrating.


      Anyone else having the same problem? Maybe there's a preference or sequence setting I should change?