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    no codecs play smoothly when exported in an .mov wrapper.

    tshirnjeans Level 1

      I'm on a PC that I built about a year and half ago. Intel I7 cpu 930 @ 2.8 GHz with 24 GB Ram in a win 7 64 bit system.


      My client has asked for a copy of the project to be delivered with the .mov extension as one of their departments insists on that file format. I usually deliver mp4's with no issues and in fact, delivered this project to them with that extension (mpeg4 video codec) with no problems.

      The project is nothing complicated, just video and titles with a couple small animations included and a few filters here and there- nothing terribly taxing. It was all shot on P2 cards and imported directly into PP from a copy of the card on one of the internal drives.

      So...I'm trying to find something that exports out of media encoder in a .mov wrapper that plays smoothly on my PC, I'll worry about their computers later.


      I have tried every codec available inlcuding (MPEG4, H264, Animation, PNG, JPEG, Avid DNxHD, Sorenson, Photo-Jpeg, and others) with no success.


      I choose the codec, then match the settings to the source video (frame size, frame rate, progressive field order, square pixels) Ive tried limiting the bitrate, not limiting the bit rate. with no success

      I have tried setting the audio to AAC and to uncompressed- neither help.


      The problem is choppy playback. The video starts for a second or two apparently ok (tho its a static graphic with a music intro so Im not sure if even that is playing correctly).. then the audio goes way off (stops completely and gets choppy) and the video plays choppy fairly quickly as well.


      So, Im not sure what else to try.


      Ive tried playing the video on other PC's with no success. Ive also tried taking the mp4 video and using a different converter to convert it to a .mov- but that doesnt work either...


      any ideas would be helpful.