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    Streching of page layout... help


      I have InDesign CS6 at work. When creating a page (eg A4), the measurements are all correct, however visually the page is not to scale. This occurs in any page I create regardless of the size, meaning when I print it, the page itself then stretches to fit an A4 page (even though that’s what it’s meant to be).


      I’ve tried looking in all my settings to see whether there’s some particular setting doing this but can’t find anything.


      I have the same version of InDesign at home, and have no trouble with it. Just at work. I have Windows 7 at home, and Windows 8 at work. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. I’ve also tried amending the display settings of my computer but it makes no difference. Please help, this is driving me crazy. I can’t accurately create anything, because I can’t see the page at the correct size, plus it continually stretches when printed (and yes it’s printed to scale, not printed to fit the page).