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    Open PDF to Specfic Page - both PDFs on a Windows Desktop


      Assembled Geniuses:


      I have a project with the following requirements.


      1.  The main document is a large legal brief which contains over 700 references, stored on a Windows desktop.

      2.  There are around 300 target documents, many of them confidential, all of them  PDFs stored in the same folder.

      3.  The main document contains multiple references to each target document.

      4.  The resulting product will be sent to who knows how many very demanding  and not necessarily tech savvy lawyers.

      5.  The desired behavior:

          The user clicks on a link in the main document and the target document opens in a new window to a specific page.


      Conditions #1 & #2 preclude use of any web-based open-to-a-specfic-page tricks.

      Condition #3 precludes setting the opening preference of the target documents since I would need at least 1000 documents as targets.

      I have succeeding in reproducing the desired behavior, but it was accomplished through making a folder-level trusted function, but that solution can't be implemented because of Condition #4.


      I know that this is possible because we receive from a vendor PDFs that display the desired behavior.


      Apparently the vendor accomplishes this miracle with a custom Action called "Go to a page in another document".


      The "Go to a page in another document" Action has three steps:


      1. File:[full path name of file (not device-independent)]

      2. Page:[pagenumber]

      3. Zoom level: Inherit Zoom


      This works like a charm.


      The question I'd really like to have answered is:


      How do they associate this custom action with the drop-down menu of the link tool?


      When I create an action it is only available in the main Actions tab, so I'm jealous.


      I tell myself they must have some fancy tools that I don't own, which only makes me more jealous.


      Here is a screen-shot of the "Go to a page in another document" Action


      Go to a page in another document.png

      If you are still reading, congratulations and thank you for your attention.