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    CS6 InDesign not exporting doc to anything


      I have a catalogue design established in InDesign which Ihave had for about a year and updated twice for the company - this time I cannot export.


      InDesign stops exporting when it gets to spread 94/95 and gives me a error message:




      I have tried with swf files and flash files and all the same - there must be something wrong on that page on the doc.


      Please can somebody help.



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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud to the InDesign forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            Try to save or export the doc to (IDML) then open it and exprt to pdf. i hope this may help.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Ants – are you able to print the catalog without problems?
              Did you try exporting in several chunks?



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                SteedDE Level 1

                Fadlabi - Thanks for the tip but it still gets blocked - it seems to be just on that page spread. What objects or settings could block an export?

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                  SteedDE Level 1

                  Hello Laubender - have tried exporting in chunks - all are fine apart from that page spread.

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                    Michael Gianino Level 4

                    If you can PDF everything up to that spread, and then PDF everything from just after to the end of the document, I'd start by doing that. When you're done, you can join the PDFs together with Acrobat. As far as the spread in question, it could be any number of things from fonts to images to a bug in the file. If you have already tried saving to IDML and opening that as Fadabi1 suggested, you could try making a new document and moving all the pages to it with the Pages pallet. If that doesn't work either, you need to eliminate things until you find the problem.


                    The quickest thing to check are the pages themselves. Zoom in so that you can't see any pasteboard on the spread in question, select all with the Selection tool and delete. Make something on each page (it could be a simple line, shape or text) and export to PDF. If it works, you will know that the pages are not the problem. If it doesn't work, there's a bug on the page. The easiest thing to do is revert to saved, make a new spread of 2 pages just before or just after, move all of the items to the new spread and delete the old spread. This is the least likely problem, but the quickest to check.


                    Next, try removing all of the type and trying the export. If it exports with only the images, the problem is type. To hunt down which font is the problem, go to Type>Find Font and change one of the fonts to something that you know is good. Try the export again and if it won't go, revert and change a different font to something you know works. If you have lots of fonts in the file and you want to pair it down more quickly, change half of the fonts instead of just one. If that doesn't work, revert and check the other half. Which ever half doesn't work, keep dividing the list in half until you find the one that is causing the failure. Many times, it's a stray paragraph return at the end of a line that has a different font than the rest of the paragraph uses.


                    If, on the other hand, removing all of the type still doesn't work, it's probably an image. Revert back and remove all of the images and see if you can export. You basically use the same method of removing images until the PDF exports, and which ever one is last is the problem. You can remove them in halves the way you did with the fonts. When you find the image that is causing the problem, try opening it in the program that created it and resaving. Sometimes that will work if resaving creates a new preview. If it doesn't work and you have the option to save without a preview, give that a try, although it will be harder to work with. If nothing works, see if you can exchange that image for something else.


                    Also keep in mind that there could be more than one thing preventing export. If you get to the end and nothing has worked, you could try making a new document and copying items one at a time and pasting them each onto it's own page in the new document. That will make it easier to find whch item is the problem, as that page won't PDF. Text frames with more than one font would be harder to pin down with this method, but it's something to try if nothing else works.

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                      SteedDE Level 1

                      Thanks Michael - it seems to have been a  corrupted image, so I opened and re-saved as a png to be on the safe side and all is sunny!!


                      Problem now solved.