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    PPRO 5.03 only 'imports' half of the audio while conforming mts file...need help asap please

    tfi productions 44 Level 1

      hello,  this has never happened before:  hp dv4 laptop, 2.3ghz dual core, ati graphics, 8gb of ram, canon avchd camera mts files, windows 7 64bit, maudio profire610 asio driver and interface


      6 files play fine in vlc and zoom player, however PPRO 5.03 only imports half of the audio while conforming each file


      i do not touch anything until files are done


      i've started new projects after clearing the preferences and media cache and media cache files


      i am at a complete lost...can anybody help please


      i've built all sorts of stuff on this laptop with production premium 5.03 and never once had an issue with footage...


      thanks in advance, j


      besides vlc and zoom player are there any other .mts file players out there?