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    Volume problems with Adobe Flash Player 11.7 r700




      Whenever I used to watch Youtube or other video through Firefox, my volume would remain at whatever volume I had set for Firefox in my Volume Mixer.  The last few iterations of Firefix (currently 20.0.1), however, have seen a new item, "Adobe Flash Player 11.7 r700" appear in my Volume Mixer whenever I go to Youtube or any other audio/visual element within Firefox, and it always starts at maximum volume, and even when I manually open my Volume Mixer to turn it down, sometimes opening a new tab/window causes the volume to "reset" back to maximum again.


      This has gone from being a nuissance into a real annoyance, and I am seeking help trying to figure out what's going on and how I can stop it.  Thanks very much in advance for any help that can be provided.


      PS - this problem also happened with 11.5 r502 and 11.6 r602, but the thread I was directed to report the original problem has apparently been removed from Adobe's site...