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    facebook like & twitter tweet buttons disable my animation from starting

    tmacka_88 Level 1



      I have just added social media buttons (G+, tweet, like) to my web page and they seam to interfereing with my animation. I am using the HTML method for facebook like, however if I use IFRAME method everything works fine in Firefox and Chrome BUT NOT Safari. Also I don't wish to use the IFRAME as when the user clicks like the post popup does not display.


      Predominently Safari seams to be most problematic. I have tried moving the JS to the end of the file etc but nothing works. Also my html for the buttons is after the edge animation html.


      Is there a way to get these buttons to work whilst not interfering with my animation from loading and playing.


      Here is my page http://goo.gl/d948f


      P.S If you reload the page a couple of times it fixes itself.