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    Edit sequence in source monitor


      Long story short I used pluraleyes to sync my video and audio into a big sequence in premiere, now I want to use that synched sequence as my source clip to make a new sequence while keeping all my audio tracks differentiated.


      This guy here give a workable solution in his video:

      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-premiere-pro-cc/edit-sequences-in-the-source-monitor-into- other-sequences/


      However the little icon on the left of the snap icon in the timeline does not exist on my computer.  I use Premiere CC of course.

      Does anybody know where I can find it?


      If anybody has any other solution than that to make it happen I'd be glad to know.  Basically all I'm looking for is how to copy part of a sequence onto another sequence while keeping all the different tracks as they are in the original sequence.