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    LR4 + PS or just PS

    Roy Kaye

      Hello, I have quite well acquainted with LR4, and am starting to learn CS6. I'd like to know where I'm going though, as there are conflicting opinions as to whether all editing should be done in CS6, or as much as possible in LR4 firstly.


      Many of the opinions, understandably, are based upon a persons familiarity with a program, but I am more interested in which program, in part or in whole, is actually going to do the best job, for example:


      Whether to set black/white points in LR4 with blacks/white sliders, or in CS6 with say levels?


      For say creative sharpening, I see CS6 can do this, with options, but when selecting a small part of the photo with LR4 to 'paint' sharpening with the brush, there is just a single slider, with no apparent options. I'm not sure I can believe it, but some people seem to suggest that when you set the various 'detail panel' options then these are also used when you 'paint' with the brush!?


      So, I suppose my 2 main questions are:


      1) I would prefer to stay in LR4 as long as possible, but would I be better off (better quality editing) by staying in CS6 for everything?


      2) If what is possible in LR4 is as good as CS6 equivalent, that's good for me, but I'm still unsure about things such as I mentioned earlier (b/w point, creative sharpening), and would be pleased to hear what people's workflow is between LR4 & Photoshop


      NB: Just one more thing please (there's hundreds more things really!): In tutorials I keep reading that you should make a copy of the original (background) image in PS layers - but I understand that the original in LR4 is never altered, so why the need to copy the background image?


      Thanks, Roy