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    air hardware id

    Ibarim Level 1


      I've seen few topics about anti-piracy protection which uses client hardware id to prevent the customer from installing one app on different clients. The idea is that customer buys an app, install it, app gives him the key with coded hardware information. Customer sends the key to the company, we save it and send back activation key. If the customer wants to install app on different machine he can't coz' hardware info is different.

      I've read that in air we can use these hardware informations:




      But those topics were from last decade and I was hoping that something has changes in the AIR world. The best way would be to get hard drive ID - but is there a way in air to get this ID?

      Is there any other way to get this ID?

      Is there any simpler way to prevent customer from installing app on different machines?


      P.S. We have to consider a situation where customer doesn't have an internet access on client machine.

      Thanks for any help in advance:)