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    Exporting Canon 5D footage - colours are washed out

    Monkey Pants Media

      Hi, I am a film student. It seems everyone but me cuts in Apple Final Cut Pro but I can't get my head around Apple as a whole and much prefer Premiere Pro. I working in CS5.5 Here is my current problem. I have the job of synching audio and video from a film shoot. The vision was shot on Canon 5D Mark II and the audio is .wav format, which was recorded on an external recorder. I need to replace the camera audio with the cleaner and more professional .wav files, and then I have to give the synched footage to another student who will edit on Final Cut Pro.  The clips are 1920 x 1080 (1.0) 23.976 fps. The clips i have received are .mov. My project settings match perfectly the footage settings. I have now tried exporting in 15 different formats, and in every single case, the colour of the exported files is very washed out compared with the original .mov file. If I give this to the editor to work with, I'll be shot I'm sure, for being so recalcitrant. It needs to be lossless and full quality. So please someone - urgently - can you help me?  I only have tomorrow to finish this and there are around 80 shots I need to synch and export in that time. Thanks,  Nicky