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    Help creating rasterized images for all level 1 toc for epub ebook


      I am creating an ebook (epub) for a course that I had previously made in iBooks Author, but iBA files do not open on iPhones. So I have decided to recreate it as an epub 2.0.1 in InDesign. There are 2 levels to my Table of Contents, each week and then multiple pages underneath each of the 9 different weeks. I am creating essentially an intro cover image for each week, so when you click on "week 1" in the toc it directs you to a "rasterized image" discussing what each student will be learning in that specific week. I've tried so many different ways but I still haven't gotten it to work the way I want. The rasterized intro cover image shows up in the book, but usually adds another blank page after it, and sometimes I can get it to show up in the toc in level 1 and sometimes it disappears. I get confused on whether it should be a paragraph style with the export tagging "split document (epub only)", or changing the objects export options. Ultimately, I feel like I've tried a combination of everything and confused myself even more. I haven't found any information on anyone executing this before, so even if anyone knows any links to help me or if anyone has done this before, your help would be appreciated!


      I hope this makes sense, because honestly I don't even know what to call these rasterized intro cover pages for each week (let alone what to search for), Colin Fleming from Adobe InDesign calls the cover pages "title images" so maybe that is a more appropriate name, however I don't want these images at the beggining of the book, I want them spread out before each week.