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    Using Premiere Pro 6 - Capturing HDV .mpegs - These can't be seen by other programs like Compressor?


      I'm using XHA1's using a Canon HV20 to capture via FW to my IMAC with 10.7. I'm using Premiere Pro 6 and have been using Plural Eyes to do audio sync for the past year.


      About 6 months ago when I upgraded to Plural Eyes 3 (which they don't support video thumbnail preview for HDV) I noticed my MPEG files created in Premiere Pro could not be opened in Compressor to change to Apple Pro Res or do anything else with.


      So, what I would like to know is there a way of capturing to some other file format than .mpeg using an HDV preset in Premiere Pro? I do weddings every weekend with 3 cameras doing hour long ceremonies. So, audio sync is real important and being able to see those thumbnails would be great.


      Finally, when I export my XML to the desktop and bring it back into to Premiere Pro it "squeeshes" the HDV footage into 4:3 aspect ratio. Which I then create a new Sequence, select all, copy and paste and now I have 2 sequences to keep track of.


      I realize these are not earth shattering - but they would sure save precious hours over a weeks time while doing many repetive actions. Thanks for any advice.


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The next version of Premiere Pro due out June 17th will have the built-in capability to sync multiple clips via audio waveform, so it may render Plural Eyes moot for your projects.


          Capture is simply a bit for bit copy of what's on tape.  HDV is MPEG, so that's what you get with a capture.

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            Snemanje poroke Level 1

            I have same experience/problem:
            - PluralEyes does not show HDV thumbnails
            - Windows version crashes (I tryed initial version when WIN support was added)

            - Premiere still needs XML export-import, so stereo audio becomes double mono audio


            I'm still using PluralEyes version 2, which is at least working:
            - use PluralEyes Connector to export from Premiere directly, that opens PE2 and asks you which timeline you want to sync

            - when done, exit PE and it will automatickly open Premiere, import project, and highlight added bins

            - grab highlighted bins and drag them to the "new folder" icon in project bin; that will create new bin and put all imported bins/clips in to that bin.

            - open synced project and copy all clips and paste them in original timeline (where unsorted clips vere).


            OPTIONAL: I do replace all clips than with original clips from project bin, just to get stereo audio back. After I replace all clips I delete added bins/clips, because Premiere duplicate all (it will add them every time you re-import clips, instead of knowing it is already imported). So just to keep premiere project file smaller, I remove doubled clips.



            If I need to sync just some files I use Premiere CC built in syncer. But PluralEyes does resolve harder to understand clips and Premiere solution is limited by how many clips is capable of syncing. And it does not work with several video/audio tracks, but only two. At least in my case, if I try to sync more than two clips it is grayed out.



            Yes, I'm dissapointed by PluralEyes3, because this was my main reason I bought licence, Only to now using version 2.