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    Can I align the last line of a text container to to bottom of a container?


      Is it possible to take the last line in a text container and vertically align it to the bottom? I'm aware that I can justify the entire text container vertically to achieve this effect. However, this means tha every line in the container is now spaced out with increased leading.


      Here's a screen capture of what I mean.




      On the right is a text container without any vertical justification and sized to fit the text. On the left is a text container that I've sized to match the height of the right container. In order to get the last line to align to the bottom I used the Justify vertically option. But my bullets are now spread out.


      Basically I just want the last line aligned to the bottom and the rest of the text above it to be aligned to the top.

      Is there anyway to do this with just one text container? Or will I be forced to used two text containers?

      I'm using InDesign CS5 if that matters.