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    Ho do I remove a digital signature field, that cannot be found, in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI?

    Blue Ribbon Pet

      The wierdest thing happend and I have no explanation. I have been working on a file all week, opened it, closed it, printed it multiple times, and only today did a mysterious problem appear. Upon opening the file for the 20th or so time, an alert appeard at the top of the PDF doc saying: (on left side) "Signature field(s) detected" - (on right side) "Open Sign Pane.".


      I am running on Windows 7 Professionsl. I read a few suggestions in this community board and after trying everything to remove this mystery signature field, it keeps saying cannot find any fields. WTH? I never added any, the file WAS fine, and all of a sudden this happens? The kicker is; that I re-printed to PDF from the original Filemaker file as I have done dozens of times without this problem, after deleting the corrupted file, and the same thing happened.


      Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this non-existing digital signature field that apparently exists???


      **UPDATE** It now seems that ALL NEW PDF documents I am creating today are adding a digital signature field that I am NOT adding it myslef. I just chose: print to Adobe PDF to some new docs and it happened to each of them, the same green pop-up upon opening the docs; as stated above: (on left side) "Signature field(s) detected" - (on right side) "Open Sign Pane."


      Now another thing I noticed is that it did not happen earlier this morning (same computer) because I went back and opened them and they are fine, no pop-up about signature detected, it is only happening since a couple of hours ago on all my new docs... I am very frustrated. I even contacted Adobe Echosign, and they have created a ticket for me...waiting to hear from them.


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