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    Using tags in web app item page through a template


      Hey guys, i'm having a problem here. I've listed out my web app items so that a user could click through to the selected items landing page. I've created a template for the web app landing page. The problem is that in my template i have {tag_whatever} on the page and all the pertinent tags for that particular item. For some reason, BC does not render the tag. Curiously enough, it also doesn't render a {module_loggedIn} tag that's on that page. I don't know what to do here. I need for people to click thru on the web app item name and then land on a page showing the rest of the web app item's contents. How do i proceed? Thanks all!






      By Web Apps landing page, i mean the URL that is generated for each individual web app item. thanks!

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Tags only render in the part of BC there are part of. Web app tags only render in web app layouts.

          If you choose a template for a web app item that will not understand those tags.

          You need to put the tags and manage the web app layouts itself. You have list, list backup and detail view and can also create your own extra list layouts as well.


          In terms of the module tag you listed there. That is not the correct module and why it wont be rendering. It is - {module_isloggedin}


          For a web app list view you do not create a page for it, you use its large layout. You use the tags that link to that layout and then you create the html for that layout and add the tags in there.