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    Help with submit button on PDF form


      I created a form via the Forms Central desktop app then saved it as a PDF to my desktop.  When opening in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, I noticed that I am unable to include a submit button - it does not let me edit the PDF.  I've tried going back into Forms Central and adding a submit button, but that feature is not available anywhere.  Any suggestions?


      PS - My preference is to have the responses returned to me, not my Forms Central account.


      Thanks so much.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          OK - I can clarify some things and tell you how to do what your looking for. 


          The desktop FormsCentral application tools are really designed towards create forms that do collect data on FormsCentral servers.  You can still easily create PDFs that do not submit data to FormsCentral, but you'll have to add any alternative submit functionality using the Forms tools in Acrobat.  You can create a PDF without the submit button in either case, signed in/out of the Desktop Application from the "File" - "Save as PDF Form" menu item.  You can then modify the PDF in Acrobat XI Pro by doing a "Save A Copy", when you open the copy you can edit it any way you like, adding a "Submit" button that email's the PDF/Responses back to you...


          Here's how: In Acrobat open the PDF you saved from the FormsCentral Desktop application and go to "File" - "Save a Copy" and choose a location, this will remove the security.  Open up the copy you just created and you can now edit it, here is a YouTube video tutorial using Acrobat XI, he covers the email button in about two minutes, there are lots of tutorials out there but this one is easy to follow:,




          Josh Corey

          FormsCentral Team

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            Excellent.  I really thought it was strange to not be able to modify the PDF once saved from Forms Central.  Your explanation is very thorough and well put.  Thanks again.