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    Myriad Pro simply not available

    DanFCarr Level 1

      Hello. I am using Flash on a Mac at home. I have an identical Mac at work. The Myriad pro family is not available for me to use at home. But it is available at work. I have made sure that the location of the font family is the same on both computers. Font Book shows no problems. Myriad Pro is available to all my other Adobe apps on both computers. I have used Myriad Pro for years on both. Now it does not initialize in Flash at home.


      My Flash CS6 version is up-to-date. I have trashed my Flash Prefs and made sure there are no duplicates of the font. Myriad Pro simply doesn't appear in my Flash font menu at home.


      I am referring to Myriad Pro, not Myriad Web Pro.


      My clients like to use Myriad Pro. I need to have Myriad Pro.


      I really hope someone can help me.


      Thank you.