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    Maximum number of fields


      Is there a limit to the number of fields allowed in a LiveCycle form?  If so, how many?

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          SaketSidana Adobe Employee

          There is no such limit. What's your use case?

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            judyp2724 Level 1

            It probably sounds outrageous but I'm considering making a form with 2,800 fields.  A private cemetery wants to convert their hand-written 36" x 63" layout to digital form. It needs to be filled-in with current data and also updated in the future with new data by non-technical people.  I've tested this form using a layout created in Illustrator, printed to a PDF, opened and edited in LiveCycle then uploaded to my Adobe account using "Distribute."  It will take a while to add all the fields.  I didn't want to find out the really hard way that the limit was less than my needs.