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    Cannot delete Project Files


      When I hyperlink to a file, normally at PDF, it places a copy in the Project Manager -> Project Files.  However, when I remove the hyperlink, the files remain in under the Project Files tab.  If I right-click on the filename, the DELETE option is unavailable.  How do I remove these files?  When I create my output, the files are included in the output.  I am using RoboHelp HTML v8.0

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          That is usually a sign that there is another link to that PDF. Rh will not allow you to delete until all the links are removed.


          First try deleting the CPD file and reopening Rh. Unlikely to fix it but has to be tried.


          Then use the multifile find and replace tool to see if you can find more links. Search on the PDF file name.


          The other approach is to delete the file in Windows Explorer and hope Rh will report the missing link.


          Create a backup first.


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