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    How do I get this one file to export to PDF


      How can I get one magazine file out of many to export to PDF?  For 12 years we have used various ID versions to produce a black & white magazine sent to printers as PDF for offset. We kept many color photo originals we'd converted to greyscale.  No we're visiting back editions, replacing greyscale images with color when we haave it, and exporting to High Quality Print PDF.  These are posted on a web page for customers to download back issues.

      The May, 2011 edition doesn't export to PDF, at least not with the same settings as issues before and after that date,  and varying export settings does nothing for the situation.  Tried exporting to .idml and opening as a new file as suggested in FAQ's.  Saved this as a new ID file under a new name.  Still won't export to PDF, though the .idml export went slick as a whistle.  Have rechecked links and relinked two grayscale images that were flagged in the links file.  No change.  Have replaced outdated (TT) fonts with new (OT).  No change.  We keep on working backwards in time with these conversions, and still older files are exporting fine after insertion of color.  This is ID5 on a Win7 machine with plenty of RAM.  This ID5 is part of a creative suite so there are other applications available in the machine.  Haven't trashed preferences, because they work with editions before and after the trouble.  What do I do next?