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    How can I active a trigger on the stage when it is overlayed by a transparent element?

    Chassy Level 1

      I'm looking for a way to activate a trigger that is masked by another layer.   The context is that I'm building a prototype with rollovers in the navigation.  Right now, I have it functioning with 4 layers, but it strikes me that there's an easier way.  Here's the current setup, from top to bottom


      1. Transparent buttons over each nav item, used as triggers.  On click they move the state down the timeline, and b) on mouseover and mouseout, they turn on/off the rollover states in layer 3.
      2. Nav text PNG, with a transparent background.
      3. Rollover states under each nav item.  These are rectangles that are shown/hidden by the mouseover and mouseout triggers in layer 1 
      4. Background to the nav.


      The easier way to do this would be to eliminate layer 1 and add the triggers to the rollover states in layer 3.  (This would also involve adjusting transparency rather than hiding/showing each rollover.)   BUT there's a transparent PNG over the rollover images, and that is preventing them from executing any triggers.  Is there a way around this?