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    Developing Iphone App using Flash Builder and Flex Air Mobile

    Toby Coombes

      I started developing an Iphone app using the trial version of Flash Builder and was pretty impressed with how easy it was, then i hit problems:


      Trying to submit my app, I was getting invalid binary, using google i tracked this down to a change in the Apple App Store meaning that all apps needed to have native iphone 5 support, which meant updating to Air SDK 3.7


      Updating to AIR SDK 3.7 was a nightmare (mainly as a result of my failure to read the small print)


      Once I got SDK 3.7 to  work with flash builder / flex mobile i though i was there.


      However now i can produce a fast build but everytime i try and produce a standard / production build i get strange errors (air 3.8 does the same).


      My Question is - before i actually buy Flash Builder has anybody actually achieved the following:


           Building an Iphone App using:


           Flash Builder 4.7    (running on OSX)

           Flex Mobile 4.6

           Air 3.7


      If so how ?




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          tamak1234 Level 1

          I have similar issues... started using FB last year, have a few live apps (about 6 or 7 currently) and I recently upgraded to AIR 3.7 compiler in fb 4.6 on both my mac book pro and my PC.... for some reason trying to upload android binaries with 3.7 compiler gives me 'invalid binary' and rejects it instantly.... ios uploads fine... so what I've done is just use 3.5 compiler (for now) to make sure all my apps are compiled with same version and so that the android versions upload fine for both ios and Android.


          I need to dedicate some time to trying to get it figured out but I cant figure out what the issue could be with my android export builds and 3.7... for some reason Google Plan thinks the 3.7 binaries have a problem with the way they are 'signed'.


          can you elaborate on the 'strange errors' you're getting?  with the iphone 5 support being mandatory it confused me a few days ago as well... but all I had to do was include the default splash screen .PNG images and it worked fine.


          keeping up with all the compiler versions and details for both ios and to a lesser degree, Android OS is really going to be tough I think.


          good luck to you.

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            Toby Coombes Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, its nice to know its not just me.


            the error i got when submitting to the App store where due to native support for IPHONE 5 which is now mandatory (from May 1st), looking around the internet the common soloution seemed to be upgrading to Air 3.7.


            The strange erorrs on 3.7 revolve around compiling a standard / production build (fast build works fine)


            the error is always the same (snippet shown below):


            Error occurred while packaging the application:


            Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:

              "__ZN7avmplus8Debugger9debugLineEi", referenced from:

                  __ZN7avmplus9MethodEnv9debugExitEPNS_13CallStackNodeE in AOTBuildOutput-4.o

                  __ZN7avmplus11BaseExecMgr22debugEnterExitWrapperNEPNS_9MethodEnvEiPj in AOTBuildOutput-4.o


            I have completly failed to work out why, but my gut feeling is its something to do with how the mac is compiling the code in standard build and unable to find a library it needs.