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    Is there an easy way to use Dreamweaver?

    Ruth Niles

      I started my website 7 years ago in FrontPage and just purchased Dreamweaver thinking; in today's technological world aimed at 12 year olds, this has got to be easier than FrontPage or at least I'd have a head start since I created and have maintained my own 10-page website.   Wow, was I ever wrong, Dreamweaver is strictly for people with computer degrees and only speak html.   I'm told I have to html every dot, space, sentencing space, centering, etc.  I paid $699 for the program, paid $250 to a web designer to just get my website into DW then teach me how to maintain it (got nothing), found another web designer, paid a $100 deposit, she "redesigned" my home page, told her that wasn't what I wanted (after explaining what I did want), never heard from her again.  Just talked with a recent computer designer graduate, he wants $450 to get my website into DW and put in new navigation buttons.    I know html, here's the site I created with NO training, just studying and learning FrontPage: www.nilesbottlestoppers.com      


      Some one, PLEASE, give me some words of encouragement because, right now I'm crying (literally).