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    Office 365 upgrade to 2013 version breaks CFmail


      We have been using CFmail to authenticate to Office 365 (version 2010 of the product) for many months without issue, using TLS / port 587

      On May 1st our account was upgraded to the 2013 version and since then we can't consistently authenticate; often the connection is refused and the mail queues up.


      The script looks like this:



      <cfmail from="sender@domain.com" to="#order_info.email#" subject="Shipping information for #order_info.orderid#" type="html" server="smtp.office365.com" username="sender@domain.com" password="password" port="587" usetls="true">


      Errors we see are like this:

      "Error","scheduler-2","05/13/13","12:42:44",,"failed to connect"

      "Error","scheduler-3","05/13/13","12:42:13",,"failed to connect"

      "Error","scheduler-0","05/13/13","12:45:16",,"failed to connect"


      Has anyone faced this problem and solved it?


      thank you in advance