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    Prem 5.5 no GPU support on rendering - Help!


      Hi All,

      I know this is well documented online in various forums, but I have not had a definitive fix for my situation, so, here goes:

      • iMac i5, 16GB, 1GB Radeon 6970M
      • Premiere Pro 5.5
      • Problem - Mercury playback is disabled
      • Have upgraded to 10.8.3
      • Have amended the cuda_supported_cards file
      • Have removed the cuda_supported_cards from folder

      None of these things have worked! Any help would be massively appreciated as my last render of a 1/2 hour video I made took around 16 hours!


      One thing I can't find is the drivers for an iMac based Radeon 6970M, only the PC version is on their website?