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    Particle Metrix plugin issues PrP6

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi there,

      Wondering if anyone else has crashing issues with the "idutrial revolutions" Particle Metrix plug in PrP 6?

      Seems to work great in AFE 6.


      My system seems to just choke after scrubbing around the timeline with the effect on a clip. I was using it on a Photoshop title file and also a generated title from PrP. Didn't seem to like either. PrP just locks up and I have to Force quit it through the Finder. Like I said, my work around was to go to AFE and link back to PrP. I recall using it on my timelines before, for a video file wipe transition.



      Mac OS 10.8.3

      2x3ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon

      28 GB Ram