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    Which rendering intent should I use to identify color swatches that are OOG

    MarieMeyer Level 1

      I have a color swatch project that will be printed on an offset press, using the GRACoL profile. I know the LAB value for each. I want to eliminate the obviously out of gamut ones now, before working on the layout. I've got a program that can give me a delta E for each, but I have to choose

      • the dE formula, and the cut-off point (what consistutes a visible difference under this formula)
      • the rendering intent
      • black point compensation - on or off

      Any advice? I know that Rel is a good all-purpose rendering intent. But I'm wondering if this might be a case where Abs. is the way to go.  I'm not interested in shifting or tweaking or compressing in order to shoehorn every swatch into the project - if it is out of gamut I simply want to eliminate it, I'll still have plenty of others to work with.