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    Removing overrides in imported text


      I am importing text from Word. I wrote a macro to convert as many styles and ad hoc formats as possible to paragraph tags used in my FM documents. This worked pretty well, but when I import the text, Framemaker retains not only the (correct) paragraph tags but the (incorrect) formatting of the incoming text, considering them format overrides. I want the text to be formatted according to the tags only, and forget any formatting from Word. But I don't see a way to select a large area of text and remove all the overrides. Any easy way to do this?

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try re-importing the format definitions onto the same file and have the remove overrides option enabled. This should blow away any overrides coming in from Word wherever the tags are identically named.



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            FieryPantone Level 3

            If you still find outcrops of Wordery after following Arnis' tip, try selecting (say) the paragraph in question and then F8,d followed by Return – F8 should open the character styles catalog in the status bar, and d then selects Default ¶ Font  As a completely different approach … given you're happy with Word macros, and if there are no tables in the .doc source files, you could take a look at MML and see if it suits you. Use the Word styles to tag the content at paragraph level with the appropriate FM style names, save out as ANSI text, whack the text file with an editor to add the list of unique style names, open the text file in FM and import formats/layout from another FM file.