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    Please help with audio and video not syncing.


      I'm using Encore 3, and have already authored a DVD a month ago without a glitch. The following are the same steps I used, but this time around, the video and audio in Encore are not syncing.


      Here's what I've done.


      1) I export my Final Cut projects to .mov using the following settings (Share > Master File).


      Format: Video and Audio

      Video codec: H.264

      Resolution: 1920x1080

      Audio file format: Quicktime Movie (AAC)

      Include chapter markers: Unchecked

      Roles as: Quicktime Movie


      2) I run the .mov file in Compressor using the "Disc Burning" preset.


      3) I then import the .ac3 and .m2v files that Compressor created into Encore.


      4) In Encore, I select both files and go to New > Timeline.


      In the Timeline window, the durations on both are the same. But I don't understand why the audio and video are not synced when I preview or when I burn a test DVD. The audio comes in just a tad late.


      Video Clip:

      Source In: 00;00;00;00

      Duration: 00;02;33;29

      In-Point: 00;00;00;00

      Out-Point: 00;02;33;29


      Audio Clip:

      Source In: 00;00;00;00

      Duration: 00;02;34;00

      In-Point: 00;00;00;00

      Out-Point: 00;02;34;00


      What's puzzling is that two of the 10 videos I've import to Encore are synced perfectly -- same export settings from FCP, same settings Compressor.


      Please help.




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          neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Mark.


          Do you have any situations where there is more than one video file in a timeline?

          Secondly - why are you using H264 HD files for a DVD? This is using lossy compression to make the H264, which is in turn then scaled & even further bitrate reduced for M2V.


          I would give it a try rendering an SD video file for use in Encore - not the H264 - and starting out with Dolby Digital or LPCM audio, not AAC.

          As with all DVD authoring programs, Encore works best with DVD compliant assets - which you are most definitely using - but I still think you are over-complicating things by using H264/AAC at all.

          Eliminating this may help.