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    importing an MS paint image for a print quality picture



      thanks in advance.


      I'm trying to assemble a figure for a publication in a journal.  one of the images has been created by the person who generated the data using MS paint.

      the files he has sent so far have not had resolution above 96 dpi, saved as a png.  I need better res files to send to the publisher, I'm hoping we can save it out such that it will be 600dpi?

      anyone ever done this before?

      I'm laying out the final figure in photoshop, and have created a high resolution document in which to import this image from paint with some other images. however, when i check the res on the files that he's given me so far, it's screen res.


      any help? I've never used MS paint really. hoping someone here has.


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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Its been so long since I have used MsPaint, I had to open the app to verify.

          Anyway, the ppi is only 96 but good news, it can set the pixels in width and height, which needs to be done before creating any artwork.


          Because ppi is part of the formula you need, you can in photoshop set the ppi your self.


          Therefore, the formula go like this:


          width in inches X ppi = width in pixels


          knowing this formula, you can easily find any of the values by knowing the other two and you can substitute height for the width to find the other dimentions value.


          To see this work, explore the image>image size dialog box and see how the other values are affected when entering in a value from any of the three.