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    Premiere Elements 10 can not upgrade to Plus Memeber can not download Templates help?


      I notice when I want to create an instant movie, I have a number of templates I can use.  There are extra ones I can access if I am a Plus Member.  The problem is the form they want you to fill out to become a plus member is the same form that Photoshop uses because the two programs share the same one organizer.  The data storage for Photoshop has been closed and replaced with Revere.  I can understand that, its all about the move toward cloud storage.  My problem is that when Photoshop closed they closed the form I needed to become a Plus Member.  The clips that a plus member can use are labeled with a gold ribbon on the upper right side.  This ribbon indicates that your computer needs to download the template to work in your instant movie.  I have found one partial solution to the problem at web site http://www.adobe.com/special/premiereel/downloads/  this page has all the downloads for Adobe Premiere  Elements 10.  The gold ribbon on my display has now turned to blue, when I click on it I get sent back to the Photoshop sign on screen for Plus members that dosent work because it is closed.  I think my program dose not have a link to the new downloaded software, that is my guess, however I do not know how to fix this, the downloaded software appears to be compressed and once I open that, I have about 500 files of data that I have no idea what to do with.  What a FUBAR, anyone got any suggestions?  Thanks, Moonpie.