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    Exporting through Premiere or even other programs produce bad quality videos.


      Hey there Adobe community. I'm new to this forum so go easy on me. I make youtube videos online, and have a decent audince making them. Recently I have noticed that my quality becomes blurry with depth and videos tend to look fuzzy at certain parts, like text and brighter colors. Here is a screen shot of my export settings http://gyazo.com/9e25aa6d57a12c9ccd953665b9941926 . I have been suspecting for a while that the issue has to do with my video codes, but I'm no where close to an expert. All I know is, this should produce flawless videos. This exact video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wLTSIzkRPA&list=UU_P_B57olUAg9ckOmwtboAA&index=1 . I am exporting through premiere if that helps. I can provide any additional information needed.